Monday, April 28, 2014

US Coast Guard sends partial FOIA response, no answers

I received a partial response from the U.S. Coast Guard today regarding my FOIA request for materials related to STORIS.

The response is here:

Surprise, surprise. The Coast Guard claims that it searched the records at the Coast Guard Office of Cutter Forces and found no records related to STORIS. The ship has been decommissioned for several years and it’s my understanding that those records are archived or purged when a cutter is decommissioned.

It’s a matter of knowing what happened to the records but now not saying where they went. The records could have gone to the National Archives in DC, MD or the Regional Archives in Anchorage.

However, the office that deals with decommissioned cutters and excess equipment would have had to have some of the records in order to dispose of the ship. We wait for the response for the rest of the materials requested.

Anyone who knows about how these records are archived is welcomed to weigh in on where to focus our search. Have a friend or former shipmate who knows? Please ask. We need to know the truth about what happened with STORIS.

(Originally posted Feb. 27, 2014)

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