Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GSA releases third FOIA: More baloney than a sandwich

Received the third rolling FOIA release from GSA today. Have to take time to go through it. Looks like a lot of repetitive documents from what they've released already. I'll try to get through it and post it in the next few days. The GSA is running its FOIA appeal process differently than MARAD. The Maritime Administration wanted me to wait until they sent everything before sending my final appeal. GSA has it set up to appeal after every release. Two problems: The first is that the person who now controls the FOIA is Danielle Ivory of the NY Times and second, the deadlines have been set at 120 days, so the appeals for the first two releases have already lapsed. No small wonder that the government is so corrupted, literally and figuratively.

From what I've seen, GSA was still pushing to get rid of the ship ASAP with no consideration for her history because of that pre-existing Memorandum of Agreement between the Alaska State Historic Preservation Office and the USCG.

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