Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fourth rolling release issued by GSA

I received the fourth rolling release from GSA today. There are a few hundred pages of information, much of which is repetitive. The Environmental Assessment for STORIS and ACUSHNET was also included and some dumb government bureaucrat sat and redacted the whole thing, wasting time and effort on a document that is already available online and redaction free. Government waste at its finest. From a quick read-through, there is more proof of the ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence at GSA. Yes, that means you Heather Bischoff, Tonya Dillard and all your cronies, since we know definitely that GSA is reading our Facebook and Web site posts. GSA refers to me in a couple of posts as "pestering them." They have a lot of nerve, but they do what they want because they're the government.

Once I wade through this mess I'll post it. I have to redact some of my own personal information that they left in the files.

It's only been some eighteen months since the original FOIA request. Your government at work...

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