Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nat'l Maritime Heritage Alliance supports STORIS Act

The National Maritime Heritage Alliance is stepping up to write letters of support for the STORIS Act as well. Here is a story that has run on the Council of American Maritime Museum's site. The maritime heritage funding is important and it's unfortunate that MARAD is hoarding the funding that should be going to our nation's maritime museums.

It's also very important to express our position on how STORIS was allowed to be destroyed. WE HAVE TO SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD.

I am still working through the GSA release from last week so I can post it. I just received another 92 pages from MARAD yesterday. In it, there is more information that demonstrates the numbing incompetence of the federal government, including a comment from the historic preservation officer from MARAD stating disappointment about STORIS not becoming a museum. Her feelings pale in comparison to STORIS Museum supporters. The MARAD documents will take some time to review and prepare for posting, as they left a lot of personal information in the documents that will have to be redacted out before I post.

Stay tuned and please, while you are waiting for the GSA and MARAD materials, take the time to put together a letter of support for the STORIS Act by writing any legislator on the links posted September 25 who might represent the district in which you live.

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