Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Updates on GSA, STORIS Act

A quick update:

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the outstanding response to the post regarding the (S)hips (TO) be (R)ecycled (I)n the (S)tates Act (STORIS Act). This is a chance to speak up and be heard as far as our shared disgust for what happened to STORIS.

I also have some news in that just after 11 p.m. EDT, I was copied on an email from GSA to Danielle Ivory of the NY Times. It will be 11 months Saturday that I made the FOIA request. This marks the first release of any information from GSA related to STORIS. The documents will be posted soon after they can be reviewed and some interpretation can be written up.

As indicated, support for the STORIS Act and pressure on the legislators on the various listed committees in the post of September 25 would be greatly appreciated. It is an extremely difficult task for one or two people to take on. Over 7,500 people have seen the post about the STORIS Act.

Though the ship has been lost, there has been a lot of continued effort invested in these past few months in trying to find truth and some sense of justice for what was allowed to happen to STORIS.

While I am still waiting for major documents to be released by the government, this is a big opportunity to speak up and speak out. A template for a letter to the legislators is located here: Personalize it to suit your own specific perspective, experience and feelings. It is a Word document and can be copy/pasted into Web forms or edited to personalize it and then postal mailed, etc.

Thank you.

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