Thursday, May 15, 2014

Appeal submitted to EPA for April 16 FOIA release

The appeal for the April 16 FOIA release from the EPA has been submitted. 

The appeal is posted here:

There are known documents that were not released in the FOIA request. There are also several key questions related to the disposition of the ship's electrical system. EPA claimed in the April 15 release that there were no import permits for the wiring to come back into the U.S. yet a reporter I spoke to said that she was told by the Mexican government that the electrical system was being sent back to the U.S. for recycling. Why would the most valuable part of the ship be sent back to the U.S. unless there was some kind of contamination such as the PCBs that we strongly suspected were there?

The appeal also requests the release of the redacted and withheld documents EPA kept back. If they didn't do anything wrong, why keep the documents back? The executive deliberation privilege also has to be justified in withholding documents, so EPA has to do that, as well.

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