Friday, May 2, 2014

EPA memos show agency did not follow procedures

The EPA is in the news again regarding some internal communications obtained by the Washington Times that show that the agency reportedly did not follow appropriate procedures in regard to a proposed mining project in Alaska. From our perspective, the issue is not whether or not the mine would be a good or bad project. That is beyond the scope of what this project related to STORIS is about. Instead, it exposes a situation where the EPA reportedly did not follow established protocol and the procedures that are in place for a government agency. It brings another set of allegations that there are people working for the Federal Government who operate outside of established rules to follow a personal, political or agency agenda. That's the parallel.
So the EPA can bend the rules to reportedly block the development of mines in Alaska just as they can apparently bend the rules to allow STORIS to be exported to Mexico for scrapping, despite the strong suspicions that the ship contained materials with regulated levels of PCBs...

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