Monday, May 19, 2014

Ex-ACUSHNET relisted on Ebay

The former USCGC ACUSHNET is back on Ebay. Now the price has dropped from $10 million to $1.1 million and the seller is demonstrating some desperate motivation in his verbiage about selling the ship ASAP.

I would certainly hate to see her lost like STORIS. This is sickening that the government allowed her to be put in this situation. We already know what the Coast Guard, GSA, EPA and MARAD teamed up to do with STORIS. Coast Guard and GSA get the blame for ACUSHNET. Ignored her history and disposed of her illegally through GSA instead of MARAD as required by federal law. It's doubtful that she is truly "PCB-free" as described by the Coast Guard.

There aren't very many of these classic warriors around to save anymore.

The "Ask the Seller" section speaks volumes about the travesty about this situation. These crazy, hair-brained suggestions about using her for the set of a horror movie or as an oil-drilling ship only reinforce a total lack of understanding and respect for ACUSHNET and the potential for destruction for the ship's physical and historic integrity. 

This is a ship that is easily eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and likely a National Historic Landmark, but she has to stay intact for this eligibility to continue. ACUSHNET has a historic pedigree second only to STORIS and STORIS is now gone. Again, thank you U.S. Federal Government.

Also, although she served in Alaska, she is NOT ice-rated. According to an ACUSHNET vet's posting on that FB page, that was one of the reasons why so much money was poured into ACUSHNET in 2008 after she threw a wheel. Someone from Alaska's Congressional delegation wanted the ship to stay in service for a couple more years because there was no immediate replacement coming and whoever it was thought ACUSHNET had the same ice capabilities that STORIS did, which she most certainly does not.

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