Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CG FOIA arrives...finally 17 October 16

The Coast Guard FOIA response I referred to the other day arrived in today's mail. There are 68 pages of documentation and correspondence streams. Some of the pages deal with information we already knew about. There are some new documents, however, including discussion about the sale, her status as "PCB-free" and issues with the buyer. This includes two efforts by the Coast Guard to regain custody of the ship when the buyer continued to ignore the deadlines for removing her from storage at Suisun Bay. GSA instead took the buyer's side and rebuffed the Coast Guard. 

I'll need a couple of days to go through this and compile notes and an outline to share. I've also sent it to others for their review and analysis. Sigh.

It will be three years tomorrow that I got a distraught text that she was going out for scrap the following Friday.

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