Tuesday, November 1, 2016

STORIS video introduction successful in DC

From Joe Geldhof on the STORIS Video roll-out in DC via CAPT Tom Gemmell.

The event went really well. Alaska New Nightly may cover. Liz Ruskin was there for three + hours. She liked.

The guys with me are Dick Grahn, the President of the new US Coast Guard Museum. He is on far side of picture. The gent next to me is Dennis McGinn, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Denny McGinn is old pal of mine. He left commissioned naval service as Vice Admiral. Commanded US 3rd Fleet. Aviator. Great guy. He made a few choice remarks before showing of movie about how preserving ships is great but real life of ships is men and women who sail them, etc., which is why preserving story of STORIS through video is so important, etc.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the event. A bunch of folks came from public at large via invitation put out by US Navy Memorial. They did good by us. I think it was a fitting last event for our efforts.

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