Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Legislation moving slowly through Washington gridlock

Posted July 5, 2016 on Facebook

Still watching things grind slowly along in Washington, DC. Last Friday I got a note that the Fischer-Booker MARAD Reauthorization Bill cleared the Senate. This was done at the last minute. If they hadn't passed the language, it would not likely have been a factor in the NDAA. With it's passage, however, we will hopefully see component language of the STORIS Act incorporated into the NDAA.


This came out this morning... 

THE WEEK AHEAD ON CAPITOL HILL: Both the House and Senate return to Washington this week for a two-week sprint ahead of the long summer recess through Labor Day. And there's potential action in both chambers on the defense front. The House is expected to vote to form a conference committee with the Senate to reconcile their versions of the National Defense Authorization Act. The House Rules Committee meets Wednesday afternoon to set up the process will use the Senate-passed bill as a vehicle for the final agreement.

So we cross our fingers as we move ever so slowly forward. 

Unfortunately, with the situation with Queen Hillary avoiding criminal charges for her email server issues and associated malfeasance, it's pretty clear that the corrupt Federal government has no repercussions for those who are unethical and break the rules. We'll keep trying to get what we can for what happened to STORIS.

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