Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Obama remarks re: transparency ring hollow after STORIS debacle

While reading through the volumes of material that has been posted recently about the former Secretary of State and her various scandals, I ran across this 2009 posting from the White House that outlined the Obama Administration’s claims for transparency. In retrospect, when held against the actions of the various agencies that we are dealing with in relation to STORIS and her destruction as well as the current situation related to H.R.C., the statement would be laughable if it wasn’t such a reflection of how utterly and truly corrupt and broken is our Federal Government. Most transparent administration in history…hardly. And I’ve spoken with several former military members who served with security clearance and all have said the same thing, that if they had committed just a small fraction of what the former SoS is accused of having done (see OIG report), they’d have been stripped of their clearance and sent to federal prison. Just more examples of how the government does what they want with no fear of accountability. Rules and ethics are for little people.


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