Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lighthouses seem more important to CG than STORIS

From Great Lakes Echo: Duluth North Pier light -- 19 July Facebook post

Just ran across this story about three Great Lakes lighthouses being listed on the National Register.

The so-called Coast Guard Historian quoted, Dr Daniel Koski-Karell, is the official from the Coast Guard who (supposedly) hand-carried the NR nomination for STORIS through the process once California' Office of Historic Preservation passed it from the state to the federal level. Last I heard, he was a specialist in the CG Environmental Management Division. It's interesting to recognize the contrast and contradiction of his comments in the importance of preserving lighthouses versus the CG's position and actual course of action related to STORIS which ultimately led to the destruction of the ship.

From what is written, the CG is concerned with the preservation of lighthouses, to see them listed on the National Register of Historic Places to help facilitate their transfer to nonprofits. Why was STORIS, listed as nationally significant on the National Register of Historic Places, not afforded this priority? 


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